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10 Ways to Earn $1,000 in the Next 30 Days - Financial Freedom



Do you need money ASAP? Do you have unpaid bills? Do you have a lingering credit card debt that you want to get rid of? Do you owe someone money? Do you need to build an emergency fund so you can feel more secure even though you still have debt? Do you just need to book a well-deserved holiday? Do all of these 10 things starting today and reach $1,000 by day 30! These are realistic ways to make extra money in the next month – not just far-fetched ideas…


1. Go through your wardrobe and pull out 15 items

Pull out 15 pieces of clothing, including handbags and shoes that you no longer wear and that you think someone would actually buy (forget about the damaged or overused items – it’s not worth your time to photograph and list them!) Once you have the 15 items, photograph each one and then create a listing on eBay.

Potential income: $



2. Search your house room by room and find items you no longer need or want

Most homes will have a bunch of items that are no longer being used. Get a few empty boxes and go through your house to find items that you don’t use anymore and put them in the box. Ask yourself when trying to make a decision whether to sell it or not, “will this sell for at least $1? And what would I be happy to let this go for?” If the item won’t sell for at least $1 OR if you are not willing to let it go for that amount, don’t put it in the box. Garage sales and car boot sales or fleamarkets are a bargain-hunter’s paradise and you will probably not sell something for what you think it’s worth (or anywhere close to what you bought it for), so keep this in mind when collecting your items from around the house. When you’ve scoured the house, go to a garage/car boot sale and sell your wares 🙂  You could also use a site like Facebook’s marketplace to sell.

Potential income: $



3. Make a profile on Fiverr and list a gig for sale

Fiverr is definitely one of the easiest sites to earn side hustle income on as it’s affordable for buyers and has a really simple sign up process. Decide what service you can offer then go to, sign up as a seller, fill out your profile, add a photo and then create a gig for sale. See what other top sellers who have a similar service to yours are doing, and see how they are packaging their offering. Price your gig very competitively and you should have a handful of sales within 30 days. Remember to decide on a gig that you actually have the time for and deliver the work to any clients who purchase your gig within or before the deadline so you can build your reviews (and make more sales over the coming months!) It can be slow to start with, but persevere and build those 5 star reviews! Also, make sure that you are not pricing your offering too cheaply because then you will land up doing the work for peanuts and resenting the whole process!

For my free video course on how to set yourself up as a seller on Fiverr, click here for more information and be notified when the course opens for sign-ups. The course walks you through the whole process of setting yourself up on Fiverr to give yourself the best chance of making sales in your first month as a seller on the platform.

Potential income: $

4. Buy and resell

Some electronics sell really well on eBay or Amazon because people generally would prefer to get a major discount and don’t want to buy them full price from a large retailer. Yes, the cheaper sale item may not come with the guarantee or warranty that a large retailer provides, but if the cost of the item is not too much, some people will be happy to forego this just to grab a bargain. For example, I know a few people who purchase items from Costco with a trade card discount and then resell them on Amazon (products like pet hair vacuum cleaners, printers, scanners, small laptops, etc).

Potential income: $$



5. Offer your services in the local area

Do you love ironing? Do you know how many people hate doing it, put it off or just physically can’t do it but need it done? What about dog walking? Do you love dogs? Do you have a part-time job and can fit in some walkies for dogs in your neighbourhood who’s owners are at work all day? Or do you have a qualification in acrylic or gel nails? Could you provide a mobile nail technician service? Are you perhaps good at cleaning? Could you offer a one-hour-a-day cleaning service to some local businesses in your area every morning or every evening?

Potential income: $$$



6. Start a small home-based business

Do you enjoy baking? Can you make delicious cakes? Could you start baking cakes for kids’ birthdays? Could you market to moms at your local school? If you’re creative, you could have a lot of fun making cool creations for kids’ colourful and yummy birthday cakes while making good income at the same time. Homemade cakes have way less preservatives and other chemical nasties and they taste a lot fresher than the cakes you can buy at a supermarket – even though those cakes look great, many moms would prefer homemade! A lot of kids have gluten or dairy intolerances for example, and you could fill a gap in the market providing wholesome, great tasting free-from cakes.

Are you great at sewing? Love fashion? Could you make one-off pieces for people? What about alterations? How often have you bought the perfect-fitting pants that were just a little too long? There are so many pieces of clothing I’ve bought that I love but they don’t fit quite right, so I don’t wear them. I keep meaning to alter them myself, but never get around to it. If there was someone affordable in my local area that would collect and deliver, I would use their service in a heartbeat!

The great thing about businesses like these is that they are so quick and easy to start and you could get your first client today just by talking to people in your area or by flyering if you’re a bit shy to approach people. AND these one-woman-businesses have minimal start-up costs!

Potential income: $$$



7. Take paid surveys online

There are a number of companies that will pay you to take surveys online, ranging from quick 5-minute surveys to much longer and more in-depth ones. Payment is anything from a few cents, usually up to around $10, but the companies I have joined have a minimum pay-out threshold and I’ve spent time taking the surveys, seen the money building up, but not been able to take it out and then I stopped receiving invitations to further surveys (!) Only sign up with reputable companies – do your research and check reviews first.

Potential income: $



8. Take part in a focus group

There are market research companies all over the world, signing up is easy and they are usually continuously looking for new people to join. I know in London, focus groups tend to be about 2 hours long and people who take part receive £50 for their time. Different companies obviously pay differing rates and I don’t think you can do more than one every few months but it’s still worth contacting market research companies near you to ask!

Potential income: $$



9. Rent out your spare room on Airbnb

I’ve never done this myself but have stayed in spare rooms advertised on Airbnb. Not so long ago I rented a room for 2 nights that I found on the site because I was attending a conference and it was more convenient to stay nearby than take the 2 hour drive there and back each day. The house was lovely, the couple were really hospitable and it was overall a great experience. Renting out your spare room could be an excellent side earner and you can choose when you want to make it available or not.

Potential income: $$$


10. Drive for Uber or Lyft in your spare time

Another idea from the sharing economy like no. 9 above, driving in your spare time could be really lucrative as a form of side hustle income. As far as I know you need a decent, reliable and clean car along with a clean driving record too.

Potential income: $$


I hope these tips have helped. If you need some extra cash within 30 days, doing the majority of these tips over the course of a month really can pack a punch! What do you do when you’re in a money pinch? Is there a tip you can share that has always worked for you?


** Check with your local authority for any laws, registrations or insurances, etc. needed to do any of these ideas **


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