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The Law of Abundance - Financial Freedom


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True success is a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.


When your life is abundant with all the good of the universe, you’re following your true path and what you’re meant to do, this sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is what can be experienced.


Success is not about trying to push and push and push to achieve more and better things. This is likely to lead to stress, anxiety and a feeling of overwhelm and pressure. Once you reach the goal you are pushing for, sure, you’ll feel a sense of achievement, but then what happens after that? In order to continue to feel achievement, you need to set another (probably larger) goal to strive for.


This puts you in a state of perpetual striving. Some may think this is a good state to be in – you should always be striving to reach a goal, right?


Not necessarily.


Definitely not when it puts you in a state of anxiety because you cannot reach the goal as quickly as you would like and you feel like there are many more goals to reach.


It’s hard not to feel like this, especially when we are bombarded on a daily basis with images of success, people travelling the world, working remotely from anywhere they want, having a sunset cruise in the Caribbean, with tons of followers and writing about how much money they make online and how you can do it too, if you do this or do that. And what about the magazines that always have some beautiful and successful person on the cover and other cover stories about achieving in your career, etc etc etc. The list goes on and we can feel disenchanted with life, sitting on our daily commute wondering how on earth to get to that place of “freedom”.


It can drive a person crazy comparing themselves!


Even in my “about me” page I say that I’m a bit of a workaholic. This is actually an understatement! I battle to balance work and life in the way that we really should be balancing. It’s definitely not good to always be working, or even to always want to be working. Don’t get me wrong, this is an admirable trait for some people, but the key is to find the balance.


I experienced this lack of balance first-hand for way too long and it wreaked havoc to say the least… Relationships were affected, health issues arose, my mind was always spinning and thinking, working on new ideas and current projects, striving to attain goals and dreams… It was go, go, go, and it was not a pleasant state to be in! (I still fall back to it sometimes, but at least now I’m aware of it and know how to counteract it and take a step back).




I did feel a certain sense of achievement for being able to push myself, provide a good service to my clients, be available for them whenever they needed something – and that definitely included late evenings and weekends. It still does, but this is mostly due to being in different time zones to certain clients. On occasion, my day will be taken up by external events, meetings or trainings that I need to attend, which means that I am not at my desk, and therefore the necessary work does not get done, so in order to fit it all in, it also sometimes makes it unavoidable to be doing some work later that evening.

But, the key really is balance. So much easier said than done though!


Are you a driven person, striving to succeed in your job, career, business or side hustle? Do you feel like you push yourself too hard? Do you feel desperate in your search for success or financial freedom? If you have any feelings of desperation, anxiety, worry, not feeling like you deserve it, question who you are to be able to receive abundance to build a position of financial freedom, and even wealth, abundance will always evade you.


Do you ever see the people who are struggling day to day, unable to buy anything from the grocery shop because they have absolutely no money in their bank? They are probably in debt and unable to pay bills too. Do you ever feel bad that you are able to buy groceries, eat healthy and tasty food or even just to have the choices that those other people don’t have? I have felt like that too many times in my life and it turns out it was not serving me. I was feeling like I didn’t deserve to have the choices even when it came to the basics of food in my fridge when so many people in the world did not have any choice at all.


But this is such wrong thinking.


Why wouldn’t you deserve it? You work very hard, apply yourself, always try to do your best, give back to society… the list goes on. Really think about it. Why would you not deserve to have abundance?


So many of us have this lack thinking and it gets us nowhere.


How can you be any good to even one of those people with zero choices if you are not prosperous and open to abundance yourself?


Maybe your thoughts have led you down a different path. If you feel unworthy, you will invite situations into your life that prove this to you. You will say, “See, I told you. I’m not a lucky person / I can’t make things happen / I can’t achieve my goals / I can never pay off my debt, etc., etc., etc…..”


These statements and these belief systems will never allow you to see your life the way you should do, and will never allow you to actually have the life you crave and strive for.


Open yourself to abundance.


But how to do this??


No matter how much you seek success and abundance, it will evade you until you prove to the universe that you are ready to accept.


Have I lost you?


Are you thinking I’ve lost my marbles or something?


Read this post on the law of gratitude – it can help help to open you to greater abundance.


Repeat positive affirmations everyday, whether out loud or in your mind. Do them whenever you remember but try to say them as much as you can. Try starting out with a post-it note on your fridge of an affirmation that resonates with you and how you feel about receiving, such as:


  • I am open to receiving all the good the universe has to offer
  • I have more than enough money for everything I want and need
  • I am now bringing abundance into my life in more ways than I thought possible
  • My life is filled with abundance and success
  • I am a huge success
  • I experience positive results in my work daily
  • I have a wonderful job that supports my values
  • I have a job that I love


Even if you do not fully believe the affirmation you are saying, continue and see the positive changes that start happening in your life. Read my post on the power of affirmations if you’re interested to add this immensely beneficial habit to your day.


… Whether we choose to believe it or not, life is ruled by the laws of the universe. There are numerous laws and learning about them is fascinating. I can’t even tell you how many “pennies dropped” and how many things in life suddenly made sense after learning about these laws. If you’d like to read more about them, whether in detail, or just to get an overview and understand how the universe works in our favor, the best place to start is probably with Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, The Universe Has Your Back. 


The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Bernstein


Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? This is one of these universal laws and one of the most “popular” ones. There is an amazing audio download available called Money and the Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham) – it’s 452 minutes and it will change your thinking on money and how we bring it into our lives! Well worth a listen!


Money and The Law of Attraction - Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham Teachings)



Here is a snippet from Diana Cooper, which explains the Law of Abundance simply and effectively:


“The Law of Abundance is very simple. If you want more friendships in your life, be friendly to others. Pull out the boulders of suspicion, boredom or hurt that have blocked your flow of friendliness.


If you want more happiness in your life, remember that the thoughts, beliefs or memories that make you feel sad are past. They have no reality at this moment. Practice smiling.


If you want more caring and nurturing in your life, remove the barriers that stop you from receiving it. When you are open to receiving, people around you will automatically nurture you.


Material things flow to you when you have abundance consciousness.”


If you would like to venture deeper into learning about the Law of Abundance and opening yourself up to receive abundance, I can highly recommend the 21 Day Course by Denise Linn, “21 Days to Fabulous, Glorious Abundance!”


21 Days to Fabulous, Glorious Abundance - Denise Linn Online Course



You absolutely DO have the power to turn your life around, and this course accelerates your path into abundance.


Here is a little more about why Denise Linn created the course:

“Denise knows what it’s like to not have enough. As a kid, her parents couldn’t afford housing so they knocked holes through the walls of an abandoned army barrack and moved in. Denise can remember many times when they didn’t have enough food and how angry her mother would get with charity from concerned neighbors. After Denise graduated from high school, she couldn’t afford to go to college right away so she worked in a truck stop washing dishes and survived on throw-away food from her work, until she could earn money for college. As an adult, her cash reserves were so low that there was a period where she and her husband and young daughter lived on corn meal (which was cheap) and fruit that fell from neighbors’ trees and they sold all of their possession just to stay afloat. Now Denise and her family live comfortably on 40 acres in the central coast wine country of California, and she fervently wants to share with you the same methods and techniques that she used to turn her poverty-consciousness into prosperity-consciousness.”



In the course (taken at your own pace) you will:

• Learn the biggest blockages to abundance and how to overcome them
• Discover how your childhood programming is influencing your prosperity today
• Understand and release past lives that are limiting you regarding finances
• Learn secret feng-shui tips for expanding wealth consciousness
• Find out how to clear resistance out of your auric field
• Understand how you can use your physiology to dramatically reprogram for abundance
• Discover how space clearing can activate more prosperity
• Understand how your core beliefs are influencing your life and what to do to shift dis-empowering ones
• Learn how to call upon spiritual assistance and Prosperity Guides
• Uncover how the beliefs of your parents, grandparents, and even your ancestors are influencing you
• Heal the bloodline and release blockages in your DNA 
• Discover special clutter clearing methods for glorious abundance
• Learn secrets for using affirmations and visualizations for wealth
• Find out how to program your dreams for prosperity
• Discover powerful ways that Vision Boards, Miracle Boxes, Wealth bowls, Spirit Sticks, and God Boxes active magnificent abundance
• Uncover the best way to create an altar dedicated to abundance
• Find out what stones, oils, ceremonies and spells are best for abundance
• Discover the power of allowing rather than attracting prosperity into your life


If you think you could benefit from learning how to improve your abundance consciousness or you want to try and open yourself to receiving abundance, I strongly suggest trying this course – the results for myself and a couple of my friends have been astounding!


Please note: This does not exclude God and any religious beliefs – everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but we cannot escape the fact of the Universal Laws.


What do you think? Do you believe in the universal laws? I’d love to hear your thoughts ?

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