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How many times have you received a gift from a loving relative or a well-meaning friend but it turns out to be something you either already have or it’s just not to your taste. You say Thank you so much!! But in the back of your mind, you appreciate the thought and time that went into the gift but you know you will not use it. Well, I don’t know about you, but that has happened to me a number of times. The other day, it happened in reverse… I bought a lovely sparkly gift box full of Lush products, all tied up with a lovely pink bow – I would have loved to receive it. (For those who don’t know what Lush products are, they are gorgeous smelling, handmade products from soap bars to shampoos and body conditioners all in sustainable, recyclable packaging.)



I gave it to my friend as her Christmas gift and, as she is very honest, she told me that she was sorry but she was not a fan of my gift. She just doesn’t like the product very much and unfortunately I didn’t know that. I was not offended, I just said that if she was not going to use it, rather let me take it and get some use out of it myself 🙂


I’m using this example to make my point because my friend could have “recycled” the gift. She could have re-purposed it and given it to someone else that she knew would like the products and the gorgeous gift box they were in. This would save her from outlaying money for that other person’s gift – win!!



This seems like it may be obvious, but a lot of people would either put unwanted gifts in the back of the cupboard for some other time (but that time never comes around). Maybe it doesn’t feel quite right to re-purpose a gift to give to someone else, but if you really think about it, it’s a wise move. The person who gave you the gift saved you a few dollars AND the next person that receives that gift gets the use (and enjoyment) of the gift – happiness all round!


The other option…

Would be to list the unwanted gift on eBay if it is something that would sell for as much or more than it is worth. I’ve been to car boot sales on the odd occasion when I’ve included my unwanted gifts along with the bits and pieces that I have put into the “sell” box when spring-cleaning. Depending on the item, it may be better to sell on eBay or actually not worth the hassle and time to make the listing, wrap it up, go out to the post office, etc etc etc.


If you are only going to make a few pennies, it may be more worth your time and effort to sell it at a car boot sale if you have one that runs nearby your house. The other option, depending on what part of the world you live in, is to have a garage sale. You will need a decent amount of items for this, but it may be that one of your unwanted gifts can be the big-ticket item where you could sell raffle tickets and do a lucky draw for it or run an auction for it.


Any one of these ideas would be good for any unwanted gifts, but what have you done with yours? Do you have many or only one or two? What frugal tips do you have? Would love to read your comments!

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