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Start working as a freelance virtual assistant today! It IS possible! - Financial Freedom



Are you short on money and need some additional income now? Like, right this moment? Whatever you need the money for, I understand – I’ve been right where you are and it’s not a fun place to be especially when it’s for bills and to keep up credit card payments!


The title of this post may sound far-fetched. The questions above may sound a little scam-y and like one of those too-good-to-be-true ideas.


But this is really not a scam-y post. Promise!


I’ve been in this position and started my journey freelancing on Fiverr to earn some side hustle income. Now when I need extra income, I can pick it up and put it down when needed because I’ve built up those reviews, and earned my place among the “good” (aka reliable) freelancers on Fiverr.


I want to help you to do this too, because having credit card companies and other creditors chasing you to make your repayments, adding extra interest along with late payment fees is hugely overwhelming. I never liked borrowing from family or friends either – and definitely would NEVER borrow from loan companies (you know the ones that list their APR in tiny print at the bottom of their TV ads? The ones who charge 1789% interest?? I still don’t know how that’s legal, but anyway!)


Let’s get to the nitty gritty here. You need to start freelancing right away, you need clients ASAP and you need to be paid really soon.


It’s all possible on Fiverr.


There are other freelancing platforms – in fact, there are a ton of them. But I’ve found the most success with only two of them – and one is Fiverr.


You can literally get started freelancing and earning income within a couple of days…


Set yourself up a profile that portrays professionalism, create your productized service offerings (Fiverr calls them “gigs”), use the platform wisely to attract buyers, promote yourself, upsell your services, and start raking in those 5 star reviews – which will lead to more visibility on Fiverr, more potential clients and more orders!


It can be done.


I know because I’ve done it.


You can also do it and I’ll show you exactly how, step by step in this course, Get Started Freelancing on Fiverr to start your side hustle and get your first client within a few days.


If you follow the steps, then do the work to promote yourself (at no cost), there is no reason why you can’t have your first order in just a few days. This is doable, guys!


Sign up for the course here.





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