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Do you believe in affirmations? Do you think they can help you with everyday overwhelm, help you to be better at your job or more successful in your business? Help with pain and illnesses no matter whether physical or mental? … Perhaps even change the course of your future? I guess the latter point we will never know whether the affirmations had a part to play, although we can probably hazard a guess.


I honestly do believe that my continuous affirmation for finances over a period of time, “I have more than enough money for everything I want and need”, did change the course of my life, helped me get out of debt and not be scrounging for pennies to pay bills every month (or borrowing from banks!) … I do believe that I was at least steered towards jobs that paid well, towards a mindset of hard work, towards starting a side hustle which had clients from day one (and I didn’t ever even advertise)… I continued to say the affirmations, and eventually my subconscious mind heard what I was constantly affirming.


A little background

I first learned about affirmations from Louise Hay in one of her books, You Can Heal Your Life back in 2004. I was experiencing a few minor health issues and I am pretty sure, at least in my opinion, that finding her book, learning about affirmations, the universe and a number of other subjects I was totally unaware of, had a major effect on my life. I truly believe that my affirmations at that time led to me no longer experiencing the niggling health problems that I was dealing with. I understood the reason behind them, how they fitted into the bigger scheme of things and it all just somehow made sense (to my logical brain!) 


There is now an amazing website packed full of resources and you can even download a free audible book by Louise Hay. Visit the site and have a look around. It’s completely free and I’m sure you won’t be sorry 🙂


For more inspiring and helpful books by Louise Hay click here.


And therefore I’m grateful to have been introduced to her book when I was, at that time in my life. I’ve “followed” her ever since (along with Dr John Demartini who I “stumbled across” in 2005). They really have been guiding forces over the past 14 years.


To read more about Louise Hay and see if you might be interested in reading one of her books or listening to one of her audio books, click the image below. (Sadly this amazing woman passed away in August 2017. I attended the Hay House I Can Do It 2-day event in Birmingham at end Sept/ beginning Oct 2017 where the line-up of speakers was excellent, but here is a link to Robert Holden’s tribute to her at the start of the event.


Louise Hay:


Louise Hay Heal Your Life



And regarding Dr Demartini, I will probably refer to him on numerous (*understatement!*) occasions in the future, so if you think he’s great or you’ve just learned about him from this post and find that you resonate with him, and like what he has to teach – and what he is about – welcome to the club! His brain is so awesome – really, really awesome in the true sense of the word!


.. If you have not heard of Dr Demartini, click on one of the image below to find out more.

Dr John Demartini:

John Demartini



Selfie with Dr John Demartini after an unforgettable 3 day seminar, Master Planning for Life.



Things to remember when using affirmations:


1. They must be in the present tense

Never affirm something in the future such as, “I will have ten thousand Pounds in the bank.” Affirmations in the future do not materialize. They have to be in the present.


2. Don’t worry if you do not believe what you are affirming

Not to worry if you do not believe your affirmations, as long as they resonate positively with you in some small way, keep saying them (or writing them out if that’s your preference), and your subconscious mind will follow suit.


3. Don’t use negatives within your affirmations

For example, you might want to affirm, “I do not have any debt.” You should change this to “I am free from debt.” Another example is, instead of, “I don’t worry about money, I am financially free,” rather use, “I am comfortable with money, I am financially free.” The negatives are ignored by the universe, so actually, what you are in effect affirming in the first example is, “I have debt.” And in the second (unchanged) example there are two completely opposing statements so you might as well not affirm anything.


4. Be Consistent and build a habit

When you decide on your chosen affirmations (for where your life and mind and dreams are at that moment), be consistent with repeating them over and over again. Say them out loud, say them in your mind, write them out by hand in a notebook… as long as it’s repetitively and every day, you’re all good. Just to clarify “repetitively”, basically work on a minimum of 20 repetitions of each affirmation out loud or in your mind, maybe 10 in the morning, 10 in the evening, or all of them when you’re lying in bed going to sleep at night. IF handwriting, make it a minimum of 10. Repeat a lot more than these guidelines if you want to – they are just a minimum guideline ?


5. Don’t change your affirmations too often, but do ensure they are relevant

Keep consistent with the same one affirmation or handful of affirmations. Make sure that you formulate affirmations that are relevant to your life and dreams / goals at the moment. When they are no longer relevant or they no longer resonate with you at all, change one or more. Remember, do not change too often otherwise affirmations won’t have the time to gain traction for you!



If you want to try getting into the habit of daily affirmations, sign up here for my free 14 day affirmation email series. Every morning for 2 weeks you will receive an affirmation for finances to help you build this habit into your daily life on your journey towards financial freedom.



Dr Demartini


For books by Dr John F. Demartini, click here. Then in the  large search box at the top of the page, enter “demartini” to see all the results.


Hay House Inspiring Books


To read more about the power of affirmations and see what some of the great authors say – including Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, click here.

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