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So your side hustle is going places and you’re beginning to get some traction on Pinterest but you’ve heard that you should have “rich pins”.


But what are these rich pins people speak of?


Rich pins help your pins to stand out on Pinterest and with the colossal number of pins added every day, it’s no wonder you need every bit of help to be seen above the rest.


If you’ve tried to follow the instructions on the Pinterest developer site for how to enable these lovely rich pins, you probably felt a little stupid and that’s why you landed up finding this post…


When I first wanted to enable rich pins and was reading the Pinterest instructions, I might as well have been reading Greek. Literally. It was that confusing.


So hopefully this step by step post helps you to enable rich pins simply and easily! It should take you less than a few minutes.





To enable the rich pins, first you need to go to the back end of your WordPress blog. Install the Yoast SEO plugin if you don’t already have it, then navigate to:

SEO > Social > Facebook


The steps are numbered in the image below.


You would logically want to go to the Pinterest tab but don’t do this.


Step 4, ensure “Add Open Graph meta data” is enabled.


Step 5, save the changes.




Next, go to Pinterest rich pin validator at:


Copy the link from any of your published blog posts (it does not matter which one). Post it into the empty box next to the “Validate” button and then click to validate.

This step is so that Pinterest can check that you have a functional, published blog or website.



You should then see this message:



Click the “Apply now” button.


Next you will receive one of two messages.


Either a congratulations message confirming that you have been approved…




Or a message thanking you for your application and letting you know they’ll review and get back to you…


It can take up to 24 hours to be approved, however it usually takes just a few minutes for Pinterest to email you to confirm you’re enabled for rich pins.


Here is what the email confirmation looks like after a few minutes:



Next steps are… NOTHING! Pinterest does all the work for you! All your pins will now show up as rich pins.





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