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2 Things you must do to every pin before adding on Pinterest - Financial Freedom



Do you want your pins to show up in more searches on Pinterest? I know I do!


Here are the 2 most important things you must do before pinning any image to Pinterest…



1. Add proper title

Even though you may think that an image title is not important, Pinterest is actually a huge visual search engine and it also searches for images based on their titles – not only the descriptions and keywords within.

So let’s say you have an image that you’ve uploaded to your blog post within WordPress and it’s called “image0123”. DON’T leave it!

Rather rename to describe it as a short sentence. Also, sometimes a visitor’s connection is slow and images don’t load correctly. This is when they may see “<image0123>”, but it would be much better if they saw “<image-bunch of red roses>” for example

If you’re uploading directly from your computer to Pinterest, also ensure that image is titled correctly, and as well as adding the correct url, add a good description as no alt text will be pulled when adding pins this way.

(The video below explains these steps too).


2. Add your alt text  

This is an important step which allows you to add keywords to the description of your pin. The alt text will be what automatically populates on Pinterest when someone clicks to pin an image directly from your site. (See video below for where to add this text).






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